Silver Dollar

Brian Davey/Black Thunder

Singer songwriter Brian Davey is from northern Ontario Canada. His songs are in the genre of Country Rock, Country and Pop. Silver Dollar is the title track of his first album followed up with his second album "Whispers of the Heart".

THE TORONTO STAR Saturday, March 25, 1995 Cree singer/songwriter Brian Black Thunder, aka Brian Davey, conjures a sound akin to early Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn and Ian Thomas all wrapped up together - a high, rasping, plaintive voice wrought in earnest around rough-hewn, emotion-packed lyrics. And, like Young, he's one of the few who can get away with singing off key - often, its the way he misses the note that makes it all worthwhile. But BBT's words don't quite measure up to the emotion behind them. Even at their best - in anthemic ballads such as "To Keep Forever", a chronicle of forked-tongue broken promises, and "Little Billy," a lament for the future of a young Indian child - his lyrics tend to hammer home the dead obvious, as seen from the Nishnawbe Aski Nation. Nevertheless, there's enough going on here to warrant BBT a place at the forefront of the burgeoning native music scene. Like any good writer, perhaps all he needs is good editor to finish the job.

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