Where are one

At the center of the Universe Dwells the Great Spirit.

And that center is really everywhere. 

It is within each of us

– Black Elk –


I heard this saying many times in my youth but never knew what it meant. I thought I did but not ready – it was only later in my young adulthood that it started to resonate within me.  It starts by surrendering to the truth that everything that lives, vibrates or has energy is all part of the same spiritual being and that being is what many consider as the great mystery, God, Allah Great Spirit, higher power or whatever you wish to call it.  For the purposes of explaining it in basic concepts or structuring it so it could be better understood, think of every person or every cell in your body or every living cell in the universe, no matter where it might be from, having a spirit and the spirits being connected into one big gigantic web without final boundaries.  Some writers and deep thinkers think of the connectors as the ether between all that lives.  Even the stars, that are a millions of light years away, are connected to all life on earth through the ether. 

As an interesting side note some people claim they are capable of remote viewing other planets which means traveling great distances at the speed of thought.  A gentlemen by the name of Ingo Swann was able to successfully describe and view a ring around Jupiter (by Remote Viewing), a ring that scientists had no idea existed. This took place precisely before the first ever flyby of Jupiter by NASA's Pioneer 10 spacecraft, which confirmed that the ring did actually exist. Think of light that comes from another star.  If there was absolutely nothing between you and the star, how would the light travel to get to you?  There must be something between you and the star – it cannot be empty space. 

We are one, we are all connected – human beings, animals, plants, rocks, water, soil, stars, galaxies, multi universes, parallel universes, and whatever else that lives out there.  Your spirit is the universe.  The teaching is, your body is not large enough for your spirit to reside – only a very tiny part of it resides in your body.  We all have the power to live from our universal spirit.  Very few people on earth have ever accomplished this universal truth.   The next time you walk down the street and see another human being, look at that person and acknowledge that person as your spiritual relative.  In eastern Indian culture they greet or say goodbye by saying Namaste meaning “I bow to the God within”. 

In the spiritual realm, meaning the realm without form, the spiritual realm or this gigantic web, is transparent.  Everything is known, there are no secrets or privacy, and it’s all known and non-judgemental.  It is very interesting to note how human kind has created technology to mirror the spiritual realm and do so without consciously knowing.  The World Wide Web that connects us all is a perfect example of duplication and the many apps that have been developed to make your life more transparent.  It is difficult go anywhere today without technology being used to track your whereabouts or to know your tastes and dislikes.  We have more opportunity to broadcast how we feel or what we want, more than ever in the history of mankind.  A simulator can be created using specialized technology to experience simulated reality that seems so real to the human senses.  The creations are numerous using technology and the advancement has been increasing rapidly.  It’s only been in the last 50 years that humankind has made huge advancements in technology compared to the rest of the time that human kind has been on earth.  Any technology development that enables connectedness, transparency, traveling at the speed of thought, or infiniteness, has the potential to replicate or mirror the spiritual realm.  It is these creations and many others like them, stand to be very profitable for aspiring entrepreneurs.  It’s almost like we have a universal silent conductor orchestrating the creation of all its parts into a perfect reflection of the great mystery.  If it is your goal to become a successful entrepreneur or to manifest your financial goals, it is incumbent upon you to become knowledgeable of the spiritual truths and how these teachings can expand your thoughts into creating something useful and of value to human kind.  Knowing that you now know that connectedness is real, you have the foundation to believe you are able to construct a thought, that is disseminated into the universe and the thought triggers the universe into responding to your thought thus creating what you wish to manifest.  We will discuss this more in-depth in the next chapter called “you are a creator”.

Essentially the equation is:  Thought + Universal Dissemination + Universal response = Manifestation

Likewise with knowing transparency, the speed of thought and the spiritual principle of infinity, you can be deliberate in your re-creations that resembles the great mystery in the material world.  Know that the purpose of your being is to enable God to live the fullness of life through you, such as, pain, joyfulness, suffering, passion, love, fear, gratification, defeat, wining and total satisfaction; embrace it all – it is all divine.  That is why most art, music, stage performances or movies feel so fulfilling when being experienced by the mind and soul.  It’s possible to feel all these sensations without ever physically getting hurt.  This is why music, art and the entertainment industry has lasted so long without interruption.  Any business concept or industry that allows human kind to experience what God wishes to experience through body, but done so in a way that the causes a deep and almost real sensation, is on the right path to succeed if supported by a strong desire and complete surrender.

It is important to know that thought creates all that you perceive.  Your thought travels from you to the rest of your universal spirit.  It is like a rock dropped into the lake and waves are developed that spreads from its centre of impact.  The impact is the thought that is created by you.  Your thoughts travel instantly or more correctly, at the speed of thought, in the ether or the great web.  Many traditions around the world understand this teaching as fundamental to their core beliefs.  In other words, thoughts or expressions of your thoughts can travel at the speed of thought only if you believe the universe and everything in it and beyond it, is connected by a divine mystery.  The ether or the great web is not fully understood – it’s just there and we surrender to the belief that it is there.  Unfortunately most thoughts that are created by human kind are based on the past.  Many thoughts are constructed from the linear side of the brain, the left side.  It is the side that uses logic, it is analytical and methodical.  It is very difficult to embrace the teachings in this book if you predominately use the lens from your left brain.  The right side, on the other hand, is more holistic, intuitive, creative, artistic, and multi-dimensional.  It is easier to understand and embrace the teachings to this book when thinking from the right side of your brain.  This is not say that one side of your brain should be favored over the other; on the contrary, both sides are necessary to live your life to the fullest.  You are born with both sides for a purpose – it is not a mistake. 



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